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Några länkar och anteckningar

Varför är jag inte postmodern.

I’m an honest doctor. I have chosen science over prejudice, health over disease, opportunity over slavery, and love and kindness over mean-minded make-believe.

There was a time when people were openly grateful to scientists and physicians who dedicated their lives to making us healthier and happier. There was a time when it was fashionable to express appreciation for the system of government and the practice of dispassionate inquiry which have brought us the unparalleled health, freedom, and prosperity which we enjoy today.

There was a time when people thought that a proposition was “valid” or “true” if, and only if, it ultimately squared with the observable world around us.

There was a time when people thought that respecting the beliefs and experiences of others, even when they differed from your own, was the mark of an educated, decent person.

There was a time when people thought it was right to judge each person by what he or she had done as an individual, rather than for their race, skin color, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual preference, or anything else.

There was a time when people enjoyed discovering how much we all have in common, and how most of us wanted the same things despite the superficial differences. There was even a time when we thought the best way to overcome misunderstanding, prejudice, and hate was by means of reason, common sense, clear-thinking, and good-will.

We called this being scientific. We called this being rational. We called this being enlightened. We called this being liberal.

We called this being modern.

Title XI

But now enter from stage left a feminist named Bernice Sandler who took over the Office of Civil Rights in Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education. She picked the innocuous word “proportionality” out of the dictionary (not out of the law), and turned it into a feminist code word for one of three tests by which college athletic departments would be judged as to their compliance with Title IX. She created a new definition for this word: if 56% of a student body is female, then 56% of the students playing on athletic teams must be female. This rule is not only unfair but ridiculous because men like to play sports far more than women do.

Selling and closes

Vad man hittar hos Per J Andersson är det ok med ryssar, är det ok med letter?

“Att skämta om och generalisera kring amerikaner och tyskar har aldrig varit några problem, eftersom de kommer från ekonomiskt starka länder som dessutom vid olika tillfällen i historien agerat utanför sina egna gränser som världspoliser/kolonialmakter/ockupanter.”…”Alltså: skämta gärna om de starka, men aldrig om de svaga.”

Till skillnad från Kina, Japan Saudiarabien, Ryssland och Makedonien som aldrig gjort det? *ironi* Det sista är så dumt man knappt kan kommentera det. Ingen skall ha grönt kort!

Här är en blogg som kommenterar generaliseringar.

Hittade intressanta texter angående Steven Pinker.

Sida 1: Progress

Sailer: Aren’t we all better off if people believe that we are not constrained by our biology and so can achieve any future we choose?

Pinker: People are surely better off with the truth. Oddly enough, everyone agrees with this when it comes to the arts. Sophisticated people sneer at feel-good comedies and saccharine romances in which everyone lives happily ever after. But when it comes to science, these same people say, “Give us schmaltz!” They expect the science of human beings to be a source of emotional uplift and inspirational sermonizing.

Sida2: Response to Gladwell

IQ-denialism is the “rotten core” (to use Stephen Jay Gould’s phrase in a more accurate context) of the modern conventional wisdom. He who says A must say B, as Lenin liked to say. And Malcolm is naive enough to illustrate that. Gould, for example, wasn’t dumb enough to follow his logic in Mismeasure of Man to its conclusions (e.g., he taught at Harvard, which uses IQ-like tests to select Gould’s students), but Malcolm, in contrast, is a true believer.

Goodreads och Librarything

Gladwell Strikes Back Why blacks are like boys and whites are like girls.